The definition of metamodernism as it emerges from Alexandra’s work revolves around a cultural paradigm characterised by interconnections: the reflection in every form of human expression of a tendency to seek the roots of what constitutes our humanity, to integrate contrasting psychic agencies – such as emotion and reason – within the self, to express an aspiration towards the spiritual and the sublime, and to achieve a form of self-realization which grants meaning to experience.

However, while metamodernism is mentioned in contexts as diverse as literary theory, art criticism, social theory, political science, the possibilities of the concept and its implications have been but insufficiently explored.

The pages below represent extracts from Alexandra Dumitrescu’s work towards a PhD thesis in literary and cultural theory, as yet in unpublished manuscript form and introduce her journey towards defining this new paradigm. They also explore several alternative definitions and their report with the current paradigm.

Evolution of the concept

The Metamodern Zeitgeist



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