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The metamodern man is one who understands,

Who rides the fine line between assertiveness and care,

Who has the self assuredness of a child and the confidence of a warrior.

The metamodern man watches out for the shadows within himself

And seeks the light in others;

He respects and worships the good in others and forgives their flaws,

He speaks out against injustice even when this can affect his standing in society or lose him friends. Yet he is more concerned with benevolence, with what can help the self overcome its flaws and grow, than justice. His ethics if of care.

He is brave and never arrogant

And when he hurts somebody’s feelings, he tries to make reparations, and amend/adjust his behavior

He’s never afraid to say that he was wrong, or ashamed to apologise

The metamodern man discriminates truth from lies, but is tolerant of those who don’t understand,

But is never patronizing, bullying or abusing – even for a good cause. Or tries not to.

The metamodern man sees the spirit in everyone and respects it,

and loves the best men best

not the ones who are useful, or flattering, who can further his career or his standing in the world.

The metamodern man fights for his beliefs – first with himself – so that he lives up to them,

But he never imposes his beliefs onto others

The metamodern man is balanced or continuously seeks the ever adjusting equilibrium of the self.

He is part of the world, but is not of the world when the world tries to impose on him its follies.

He safeguards his innocence as the greatest of treasures.

He gradually relinquishes his naïveté through experience, and seeks wisdom.

He is never afraid to learn, but is cautious of circumstances that might affect his integrity.

Yes he knows that it is human to err, and as long as he learns from experience, and the learning leads to one’s growth as a human, he is safe, as he is part of a species on the path of evolution. For this, self-growth and helping others grow are the only things that matter.

He is lenient with others, never with himself, yet he tries to love both neighbour and himself equally.

The metamodern man is a strong tree with deep roots and soothing shade, under the protection of which more fragile shoots can find shelter until they learn to fend for themselves.

Although he changes continuously, growing and adapting to his times and environment, the metamodern man reflects the immutability of existence.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was such a metamodern man.